NIS America has announced that there’s just 15 days left for you to snag Kemono Heroes on the Switch eShop, as the title is being removed March 30th in North America and March 31st, 2024 in Europe. NIS America has not given any reason for the delisting, but they did note those who purchase before these dates will still be able to play and redownload the game going forward.

Kemono Heroes combines elements of run and gun, fast arcade action with dashes and slashes, with cool and fluffy characters. It can be experienced alone, choosing between 3 difficulties to enjoy a real challenge. Up to 4 friends can also join forces in cooperative mode, fighting and helping each other to overcome any obstacles in their way.

After A Hole New World, an 8-bit like game, we thought we should make a 16-bit-like game now. An arcade cooperative one, for 4 players, with ninjas on it! Thus Kemono Heroes was born!

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We already know the reason it's being delisted. Back in January, JanduSoft said they are publishing it on more platforms:

"Kemono Heroes first launched for Switch on February 27, 2020 under the publishing of NIS America. JanduSoft will take over publishing for the Switch version when the game launches on all platforms."

Chances are they will relaunch it on Switch whenever it comes out for the other platformsnin Q3 2024. NISA losing publishing rights for games has been fairly common the past few years.

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