Developer Friendly Foe has announced that they’re bringing Soulbound to the Switch at some point in 2024. You can check out the latest trailer for this title above.

Soulbound is an action-adventure with responsive and skillful combat. Earn new abilities and upgrades as you make your way through a colorful story. Go alone, or in co-op. Venture forth and discover a bizarre adventure where nothing is quite what it seems!

Grab your hockey stick and head towards POKKON CITY in an attempt to uncover who abducted your whole house! Fight living trash cans and make friends with fish-headed people. Alter your play-style with upgrades and defeat powerful foes! One kid’s seemingly small journey will throw them into something far bigger than they could have imagined.

You reach POKKON CITY. Something has changed. A sentient Cactus and an enraged piece of Flan (!?) attacks! But not all changes are evil. Some kind-hearted characters seem to have been granted great power. Recruit them, play as them and harness their distinct play-styles.

Challenge powerful bosses, advance the story and enjoy roguelite-style gameplay, chapter-by-chapter. Help the locals of the city and gain access to new locations. Some may even let you join their secret club, granting access to their powers.

SOULBOUND is crafted for both solo and co-op play. Face the challenge by yourself or have a friend tag along for the adventure, online or offline! Co-op play features enemies and bosses with powers unique to the two-player experience.


  • Responsive & skillful combat. Very juicy!
  • A gallery of playable characters, each with their distinct play-style
  • Single player or two player co-op, offline and online
  • Challenge bosses to complete chapters and advance the story
  • Improve POKKON CITY over time with new locations and areas
  • Join a club! Earn their trust and gain rewards
  • A warm and inviting art-style where 2D and 3D meet
  • Secret encounters and hidden bosses
  • One rat
  • … And more!

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