Still trying to complete your amiibo collection? Did you miss a few of the drops during the Smash Bros. era? If so, GameStop might have what you’re looking for, as they’ve just added a fresh round of stock for four of the Smash Bros. releases.

Do you need to add Duck Hunt, Charizard, Pikachu, or R.O.B. amiibo to your lineup? Without any notice, GameStop has just refreshed their stock on these four amiibo, and there’s no telling how long they’re going to stick around. The good news is that they’re up for pre-order, so you’ve got some time to secure yours.

If you want to grab one of these you better act fast, which you can do by heading to your local GameStop location or purchasing online. The four amiibo will be seeing release on April 26th, 2024 and they’re priced at $16 a piece.

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A bit of a clarification here, if I may. R.O.B. (NES colors), Duck Hunt and Mr. Game & Watch were only released in North America as a 3-pack. Releasing them separately is a bit of a new thing (Mr. Game & Watch is coming as well, going by Best Buy Canada listings for him).