An update is available for Expeditions: A MudRunner Game. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New feature

  • Photomode


  • Fixed the crash reporter
  • Mods – Fixed crash when spawning the default truck mod
  • Fixed crash related to interaction with the modules
  • Fixed crash related to using the Echo Sounder in the Tutorial
  • Fixed crash if specify empty slots for KEY BINDINGS on ‘Controls’ page and then try to open the ‘Control Scheme’
  • Fixed crash related to selling a module


  • Fixed a bug where the ground texture had low graphical resolution. The issue was encountered on the first map of the Arizona region.
  • Fixed soapy landscape textures on ultra settings
  • Fixed engine start animation for Afim 1960, Cotco Canyon, Collie Pug trucks to match new sounds


  • A comment from players was taken into account when the Map was not centered on the place where a player will deploy. To address the issue of player confusion when deploying far from the first quest point, the first car’s deployment zone list will open immediately, so the camera will center on the car.
  • Significant changes have been made to all car description variants. Now, the information is structured to display truly important details for a player. Elements have a more comprehensible layout, both in terms of meaning and visual composition. Interactive elements have become more apparent. These modifications have affected all instances of displaying information about the car (the Garage, the Truck store, the Map).
  • Additionally, improvements have been made to the car card in the store: DLC content display has been added, and layout flaws have been corrected. Now, the card precisely shows the information that is crucial for a player when adding a car to their garage.
  • Added the ‘Recommend’ label for the Little Colorado region. It’s a sign for novice players that they should start with the easier Little Colorado region and gradually move on to the main quests in Arizona and Carpathians.
  • Notification of the scanned area did not disappear after using the radar. Fixed a bug where a notification that the zone had been scanned was left on the screen after using the Radar. Previously, the notification could be cleared by re-entering the menu. Now notification disappears correctly.
  • The movement between addons in the Garage were blocked after returning from the Codex. Now the controls are fixed and working as usual.
  • Improved the layout of the pop ups Completed quest and New task. The interface now uses the patterns defined on the HQ screens, it gives better understanding on rewards.
  • Trucks, Vehicle addons, Base modules and Specialists are now properly displayed in the Reward pop ups of expeditions, contracts and tasks. Previously players have received these rewards as they should have been, but there was no mention of these rewards in UI.
  • Improved PROS pop ups
  • Added the slider when selecting base modules to build
  • HQ – It is possible to open the inventory of the car using the cursor
  • Garage – Fixed bug when fuel quantity does not change after changing the measurement system
  • Garage – fixed bug related with unexpected changing the balance when selling/buying items before the expedition
  • Garage – fixed selection on the truck when a player remove the car in the Garage, the focus shifts to the car above
  • Disabled installation of sideboards if it cannot be installed on the car
  • The remaining space for gasoline calculates correctly incase of taking any car without a sideboard, installing it, and buying any amount of fuel
  • Added treasure icons when using the Metal detector
  • In the DLC store it is impossible to switch by Q/E buttons


  • Feature: upon exiting to the HQ, all incomplete tasks and contracts will be reset. Previously this led to softlocks: if a player returned to the HQ after completing a contract/task stage with a unique item and then returned to the same map with new expeditions, the unique contract/task item wouldn’t respawn, so the player had to restart the contract/task manually. Increased number of attempts to complete the Echo Sounder minigame to simplify quests for players. We received negative feedback about the difficulty of the minigame where a player has to scan fish.
  • Upgrades opened with binoculars are not displayed on the map. After fixes, objects discovered with binoculars are displayed on the Map.
  • Added the key to use the car’s honk with the gamepad.
  • Fixed sound of the Drone’s bad signal. The sound would start when a player wasn’t far from a truck. Now a player can understand the signal status from the interface.
  • Fixed Seismic Vibrator’s sounds
  • Tutorial – You can’t open a refuel hud in a stage with a refueling truck. At the stage, with the car being refueled and repaired, the HUD opens and immediately closes. You cannot go through a stage without re-entering the main menu (after re-entering, you are thrown to the next stage).
  • Minigame Camera – Too many fireflies in the minigame at night. The fireflies VFX were displayed on pictures taken by a player. Sometimes there were so many of them that they covered the entire scene.
  • Minigame Camera – The completed stage disappears immediately after completing the minigame, without necessity in opening/closing the map.
  • Minigame Visual Inspection – Removed the CLOSE control from the bottom

Economical system issues

  • Repeated installations of DLC allowed a player to endlessly receive money from the sale of DLC trucks. Now uninstalling DLCs removes DLC trucks from the game so the money exploit is not available anymore.
  • WIP truck frame modules were available for purchase in the garage. Players were able to access the Living and Workshop truck framemodules, even though they were not intended to be available. As a result, players could waste money on the Workshop module without being able to install it. Living Module didn’t have any functionality but was possible to buy and install. Now both frame modules are not available for purchase.
  • Addon purchase is blocked in case of buying invalid module


  • Fixed description of the Expanded parking and Tow truck modules
  • Fixed description of consumables in the trade window for the sideboard
  • Garage – The requirement to open the “Complete _ to unlock” addon is displayed in all supported languages
  • Removed Korean technical text from the sell button in the Garage
  • Fixed cropped texts on Poland, Czech

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