Ubisoft announces Rabbids: Party of Legends for Switch

Or the original Minions, if you will

11 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Just like most other game companies, Ubisoft recently released their fiscal year results. Buried in that press release is the mention of a new Rabbids game coming to Switch, although there’s a good chance we know the origins of this game.

Sometime between now and June 2022, Ubisoft is going to bring Rabbids: Party of Legends to the Switch. That’s not a Rabbids name we’ve ever heard before, but there’s a very good chance this is the localized name for Rabbids: Adventure Party, which was a Chinese-exclusive Switch game from back in 2019. You can check out a trailer for that game below.

Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed that Rabbids: Party of Legends is the localized name for Rabbids: Adventure Party, but again, it really seems like that’s the case. This seems even more true when you consider the game is releasing before June 2022 ends.

There’s always a case this is a wholly-original outing, but no matter what the case is, we’ll bring you the official details when they become available.

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2y ago

Kinda unrelated, but I would like if they'd revive that party game they had made for the Wii U that was completely finished but they chose not to release due to the system's poor sales.