Tales of Kenzera: ZAU isn’t available yet, but there was a limited-time demo made available on Steam. It seems the devs behind this title were paying very close attention to what players had to say about the demo, as they’re using that feedback to tweak some areas of the game.

In an interview with DualShockers, Tales of Kenzera: ZAU lead animator Griffin Warner opened up about some of the changes that will be present in the final version of the game. It appears one area players can expect to see adjusted is visual clues as to what will and won’t kill you with a single touch.

“…at the same time, it is one of the things that has been a challenge. We have a lot of hazards in the game, like spikes that instantly kill a player, and when freezing the waterfall, we have a spikey motif there and a lot of players thought that would kill them, so the messaging there was all wrong, and we’ve had to address that a little bit since the demo”.

[Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, lead animator Griffin Warner]

Inspired by Surgent Studios founder and BAFTA-nominated actor Abubakar Salim personal journey dealing with the loss of his father and their deep mutual bond of video games, Tales of Kenzera: ZAU celebrates Abubakar’s father through heartfelt single-player metroidvania-style gameplay, all while showcasing how greatness comes from resilience and the experience of finding hope and courage after loss.

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU releases on April 23 on Switch for $19.99. Pre-order the game now to earn a 10% discount, in addition to two shaman points unlocking up to two skills in-game, Kalunga’s Blessing visual effect variant, as well as the Tales of Kenzera: ZAU digital companion comic, Soulshifters, which dives deeper into the rich lore of Kenzera.

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