Stumble Guys x PMI Toy Collection revealed

Stumbling into Walmart now

17 March 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

As was revealed back in February, Switch fans will soon be able to join the fun of “Stumble Guys,” the party battle royale game with 50M+ players every month. That means we’re free to talk about all this Stumble Guys going forward, and today that means sharing some info about a new merch line.

Stumble Guys has teamed with PMI Toys to release a brand-new line of toys that fans of the party game will no doubt enjoy. This lineup includes both plush toys and action figures, and the entire series is available at Walmart right now. If you’d like to get a closer look at the toy lineup, you can find the full series here.

When Stumble Guys arrives on Switch, it will feature cross-progression and crossplay functionality - connecting the game’s dedicated community of “Stumblers” around the world, no matter where they choose to play, with one universal account across all devices. Known for its accessible and competitive gameplay, Stumble Guys is always-evolving with new worlds to explore. With the regular addition of new mechanics, players can find a plethora of ways to navigate obstacles, whether on foot, in vehicles, or in the high-stakes First-Person “Stumbler” mode.

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