The attention on STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection since launch has been quite rough, with countless fans complaining about the state of the game. There have been issues with servers, changes in sound effects from the original titles, gameplay mechanics not working correctly and so on. Unfortunately, it seems the bad news is continuing, as now an issue has been spotted with one of the game’s trailers.

The initial announcement trailer for STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection brought a lot of excitement for fans, but it brought disappointment for modder iamashaymin. Shortly after that debut trailer was shared, people started to notice that it featured gameplay from a mod created by iamashaymin, but no mention of the modder was anywhere to be found. Furthermore, iamashaymin was just as surprised to see his content in the trailer, as he hadn’t worked with the game’s dev at all.

The news of this uncredited work made it all the way back to Aspyr, the developer on STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection. In a statement made to IGN, Aspyr said the content was included in the trailer by accident and didn’t make its way into the final cut of the game. You can read the studio’s full statement below.

“We’d like to thank the passionate Star Wars: Battlefront community for bringing this to our attention. When capturing placeholder footage for our announcement last fall, we mistakenly included content that is not in the product, and that mistake made it into the final cut. The upcoming release of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection does not include any code or content that is taken from uncredited sources.”


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