The Square Enix Music channel has been quite impressive lately, offering all sorts of unique takes and features on their rich history of game music. We’ve seen a video playlist for the entirety of the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, interviews with composers at Square Enix, covers of classic songs, and now a major tribute to Final Fantasy in general.

Square Enix has started yet another series on their SEM YouTube Channel, and this one features a handful of iconic Final Fantasy tracks from throughout the series. These tracks have been given a wonderful makeover in brass band style, which adds a whole new vibe to the experience. They’ve even tweaked a few of the genres as well!

Above is just one example of the videos in this series, and as you can see, all of them feature the sheet music for these tracks. That means if you’re musically inclined, you’ll be able to perform these tunes at home with your instrument of choice! If you’d like to take on that challenge or simply enjoy a wonderful musical tribute series, you can find the complete playlist here.

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