Nintendo probably knew that fans would be playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time years after its release, but they probably didn’t expect to see the game going strong 26+ years later. They probably also aren’t thrilled about people modding the game in a thousand different ways, but they have to be at least a tiny bit impressed with the wild stuff that’s been cooked up.

The latest mod for Ocarina of Time gives Link a new ability, albeit a borrowed one from another franchise. We’re not sure what led to the mod’s creation, but the end result is a version of Link that can use Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch from the Smash Bros. series.

While it’s nothing new for Link to get unique abilities and items on his adventures, seeing the character borrow a move from a fellow Nintendo character is a tad different. Even better, Link using the Falcon Punch seemingly lets him solve just about every problem! From enemies in the way to blockades for the path ahead, a quick Falcon Punch takes care of it with ease.

Now who’s going to make the F-Zero mod where Captain Falcon starts slashing other racers with the Master Sword?

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