Evil Dead: The Game is going to allow all sorts of customization options for players, including a bunch of skins that are both brand-new and familiar to franchise fans.

For those who go all-in with the Collector’s Edition of the game, they’ll get a special “Savini Ash” skin. This skin was created by Hollywood makeup effects legend Tom Savini, who stepped away from practical effects to help craft this digital creation. Somewhat surprisingly, this marks the very first time Tom Savini has been directly involved with the Evil Dead franchise.

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Savini detailed how the collab came to be, and what it was like designing the exclusive skin.

“The first thing I sent to [Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive] they said, ‘ah great, boom, next,’ and that was done. They accepted it immediately.

…with practical you have to physically make the damn thing. Like all the kills in Friday the 13th: the Game – I think I created 144 kills. That’s me sitting here with a pencil and paper, writing it down, and then sending it in. That was the easiest thing. On paper, to me it was just creating magic tricks and grand allusions, but when I see it… Oh my God, it’s horrifying. So, same thing here – with practical I have to physically create the damn thing. I have to sculpt it and mold it and cast it and paint it. With this, it [started as] just a sketch.

[Tom Savini]

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