SMITE "Netherbeasts" update now live

Unleashing the beast

19 March 2024
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Today, SMITE released its latest Update ‘Netherbeasts’ crammed with divine content! Players can now enjoy:

  • Domination – The point-capture mode is back with structural improvements
  • Nine top-quality Cross-Gen Skins including some free
  • An extensive quality-of-life pass for many Gods

Domination mode

With today’s Netherbeasts Update, Domination is back in SMITE!

Designers have improved the popular temporary mode on many fronts, up to its scoring system and capturing process. Defeat the watchful Sand Guardian that protects capture points and the next Guardian to spawn will fight by your side. Speed Orbs are new collectible pickups that increase the game pace in Domination.

The whole Domination experience should be overall faster and more intuitive – starting now!

Targeted feeling improvements

Many playable Gods have just received quality-of-life improvements aimed at making them feel better to play. Some had their entire ability loop smoothed out, while others got a specific new tool.

For instance, now Chiron can fire Masterful Shot and basic attacks while charging, Heimdallr’s ultimate lets him act sooner, Ymir’s abilities do not lock his camera, Sobek can pass through walls while lurking underwater with his ultimate, Tiamat will always respawn in Flying stance… These and many more similar changes have been released today and designers are particularly eager to hear community feedback.

Come check it out while you rediscover Domination!

Three events, 9 new Cross-Gen Skins

Any Cross-Gen item is unlocked in both SMITE (instantly) and SMITE 2 (upon release). And today’s Update includes no fewer than 9 Cross-Gen Skins!

The Netherbeasts Update is named after the major Netherbeasts event, out now with many rewards including three Cross-Gen Skins: Shadow Sentry Cerberus, Headhunter Cernunnos, and the collection reward Death’s Rain Chaac. This six-armed monstrosity is unlocked for free as a bonus after only 3 purchases in the Netherbeasts event. Skins can be bought directly or rolled from the event Chest.

During SMITE Year 11, any major SMITE Update means a new Cross-Gen Pass. So today’s Netherbeasts Update marks the release of the Oni Slayer Cross-Gen Pass, with the Skin Wandering Blade King Arthur unlocked instantly upon purchase. As you play SMITE games, you will keep unlocking dozens of rewards culminating with Dark Supreme Nu Wa.

Finally, SMITE is celebrating its birthday bringing back the Community Celebration Event! For the next two weeks, log in and play a match every day to claim a reward. The sixth reward also grants you a new Cross-Gen Skin for free: Embalmed Anubis!

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