Get ready for an unforgettable adventure! Hero’s Hour, a well-known turn-based strategic game, will soon be available on Nintendo Switch, premiere on April 11th!

Hero’s Hour is a turn-based strategy RPG that captivates players with tactical battles, and advanced kingdom-building mechanics. The game offers a rich and rewarding experience for both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Players take on control of a kingdom, tasked with exploring a vast and vibrant world, constructing thriving towns, and assembling a formidable army to defeat all enemies.

Command Powerful Armies, Lead Diverse Heroes: Choose from 13 unique factions, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses. Build a massive army from over 200 available unit types, and customize your strategy with 30 hero classes, each wielding a unique set of skills. Explore procedurally generated maps, ensuring a fresh challenge every playthrough.

Turn-Based Mechanics: Develop your city into a bustling hub. Construct essential buildings to produce resources, recruit troops, and empower your heroes. Manage your growth carefully, for each turn is precious. Don’t dawdle - explore, expand, and conquer before your enemies overwhelm you.

Rich Content, Deep Strategy: Hero’s Hour offers strategic depth. Equip your heroes with powerful artifacts and spells. Leverage the unique abilities of your units to outmaneuver your foes in tactical real-time battles. With hundreds of units, skills, and items to discover, mastery takes time, but the rewards are vast.

Game Features:

  • Strategic Combat: Outsmart your enemies in fast-paced battles. Utilize your hero’s unique skills, command a diverse army, and master powerful spells to dominate the battlefield.
  • Deep Town Management: Build and manage your very own kingdom. Construct a variety of buildings to generate resources, recruit powerful troops, and unlock essential upgrades.
  • Extensive Exploration: Uncover the secrets of a sprawling world and discover hidden treasures that will bolster your power.
  • Endless Replayability: With a wealth of procedurally generated content, no two playthroughs are ever the same. Experience countless challenges, explore diverse landscapes, and conquer ever-greater foes.
  • Huge Roster: Choose from a variety of hero’s classes, unlock powerful spells, and equip devastating artifacts to become an unstoppable force.
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