Each of us is increasingly affected by the negative consequences of daily busyness and associated stress. For all who would challenge the anxiety that eats them, or simply want to change for the better, RedDeer.Games has created an extraordinary product – a personal trainer and meditation guide, nZen. Available on Nintendo Switch starting today.

Self-care contemplation provides a deeper understanding of the emotions we are driven by. It calms the mind and enhances concentration which reduces tension, stress and improves mental and physical health.

nZen is a meditative application that will guide participants into the immeasurable areas of their own consciousness, allowing them to understand the principles of its operation. So that they can live life to the fullest and live happier, without the negativity.

Participants will be able to choose from five, inspirational programs dedicated to different occasions, such as improving creativity or focusing on the flow of energy. During each of them, players can focus on a guiding voice that will help them achieve the goal.

nZen will feature two calming ambient to choose from – the soothing sound of waves and a harmonious melody. In addition, there will also be affirmative quotes that will inspire and positively reinforce participants during their mindfulness journey.

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