Today, Overwatch 2 released a Developer Update video detailing changes arriving imminently in Season 10. Firstly, starting in Season 10, all new heroes will be immediately unlocked once they join the roster. All existing Overwatch 2 heroes will also be unlocked for all players (meaning all players will have immediate access to Venture when they arrive in Season 10!!).

Additionally, Season 10 will introduce more ways for players to earn Mythic Skins through the Mythic Shop and additional methods to earn Coins. The team is also working on more gameplay and map updates to keep things fresh for players during seasons.

Speaking of which, the start of Season 10 will also include a limited-time Clash trial on the new Hanaoka map. Revealed at BlizzCon last year, this mode will make its official debut later this year with two more maps.

If you’d like a more complete look at everything discussed in today’s developer video, you can check out the official Overwatch 2 dev blog here.

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