ConcernedApe is the one-man powerhouse behind Stardew Valley, a labor-of-love that took him 4.5 years to complete. The developer spent literally thousands of hours digitally crafting every single element of Stardew Valley, and that very much includes the award-winning soundtrack. Now we have some unique insight into how that aspect of the game came to be.

In a feature at Polygon, ConcernedApe pulls back the curtain on Stardew Valley to showcase some of the elements he considered necessary to bring the game to life. That includes both creature comforts for his office and some of the software used to build the experience. When it comes to the game’s soundtrack, ConcernedApe took a quite a unique path.

According to ConcernedApe, not only did he not use a single real-life instrument to input notes, he also didn’t shift away from the default sounds on the software he used:

“This is a digital audio workstation that I use to make all the music and sound effects for my games. I don’t use any midi keyboards or anything, just a mouse to click notes onto the screen. I generally also just use the default instruments that come with the software. I made the entire Stardew Valley soundtrack this way.”

[ConcernedApe, Stardew Valley dev]

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