When it comes to merch posts on GoNintendo, Pokémon has to take the cake. There’s always some new item in the works at Pokémon Co., but honestly, when it comes to 2023, NieR:Automata merch was a close second. The amount of merch associated with the NieR:Automata line in 2024 is already staggering, and today brings us yet another item for the product onslaught.

This time around, NieR:Automata fans in Japan will be able to snag some NieR:Automata wireless earphones from ONKYO, and they come in both 2B and 9S styles. Even better, each pair of wireless earphones also include a series of 2B and 9S voice lines that are built-in, meaning you’ll hear the characters speak to you when you’re pairing or messing with other controls.


These earphones have built-in Bluetooth 5.1, IPX7 waterproof standard, AAC and aptX codec compatibility, MEMS type microphone, and wireless qi charging support. Of course, they also come with themed cases as well that feature the YoRHa logo and either 2B or 9S’ names.

Pre-orders for these earphones are now live in Japan and will run until May 7th, 2024. One set of earbuds will run you $132 and you can check out more pics here.

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4M ago

Are/will those be available outside of Japan?


4M ago


There's no official word on a release outside of Japan at this time, but I'd keep an eye on sites like Play-Asia. They stock all kinds of games/accessories, and they might end up listing these. If I catch official word anywhere, I'll make sure to come back and leave you another comment!