Still trying to complete your amiibo collection? Did you miss a few of the drops during the Smash Bros. era? We just learned recently that GameStop was going to offer collectors a chance to snag some of the drops they missed, and now Best Buy will be doing the same.

As we said last time, if you need to add Duck Hunt, Charizard, Pikachu, or R.O.B. amiibo to your lineup, GameStop now has the quartet up for pre-order. You’ve got some time to lock in your purchase, as these amiibo won’t be back in stock until April 26th, 2024.

As for the Best Buy side of things, you’re able to pick up both Sonic the Hedgehog and Cloud Strife amiibo starting today. Just like GameStop, these amiibo are priced at $16 a piece and they also won’t see release until April 26th, 2024. You can place your pre-order for Sonic here and Cloud here.

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