Isles of Sea and Sky is an oceanic, open world puzzle adventure, and apparently it has a shot at coming to Switch.

This Zelda and Game Boy Color-inspired adventure is slated to come to PC sometime this year, but it appears a Switch port could come about as well. While not officially confirmed at this point, developer Cicada Games has shared that they “are interested in launching on other platforms including the Nintendo Switch.” Hopefully spreading the word on their interest will garner fan support, only further convincing Cicada Games to bring the title over.

In Isles of Sea and Sky, you awaken as a castaway on an untouched, unfamiliar island with no memory of how you arrived and unsure what to do next. Explore ancient islands, forging your own path as you uncover hidden secrets, solve compelling block-pushing puzzles, and unearth a mystifying narrative in this puzzle adventure game. With no set path or order, you determine your fate and decide which puzzles you want to solve first.

Get stuck on a specific puzzle? Isles of Sea and Sky is open world and nonlinear, giving you the freedom to come and go as you please to specific puzzles, new areas, or return to old areas with a new perspective, allowing you to progress further in the game.

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