No matter how long it’s been since we’ve gotten a new Banjo-Kazooie title, older Nintendo fans will forever remember the bear-and-bird that took platforming to a whole new level in the N64 era. That love runs very deep, and there’s no doubt some of those finely-aged gamers would love to add a special bit of merch to their collection.

GameStop is offering an exclusive Banjo-Kazooie Funko Pop!, complete with Banjo holding a puzzle piece and Jiggy. This Pop! is set to release on May 19th, 2024 and is priced at $25. The vinyl figure is approximately 3.6-inches tall and even includes a protective case with a themed background.

If you’d like to get a closer look at this Funko Pop! or you’re ready to grab a pre-order, you can do so through GameStop’s website.

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What did they do to my boy?