On April 9th, 2024, the stunning grounds of Botany Manor will be available for you to stroll through as you uncover long-forgotten flora. Today, the devs are also offering a sneak peek with some new screenshots of some of the flowers you’ll help bring to full bloom as you play.

Arabella Greene has amassed a vast collection of long-forgotten flora that require a unique set of conditions to help them bloom — and it’s up to you to explore the manor and search through her research to figure out how.

Windmill Wort

Known for its air-purifying qualities, the pretty pink Windmill Wort thrives in smoggy environments. It requires hot temperatures to help it germinate.

Ash Plume

Other plants, such as the Ash Plume, survive in much harsher conditions. This flower is known to grow in the smoke aromas left behind after a forest fire.

Fool’s Emerald

One of the more unique plants, the Fool’s Emerald, grows in gloomy habitats devoid of light. Its illuminated buds blink and allow the flower to communicate with other plants.

The enduring estate of Botany Manor is home to retired botanist Arabella Greene. After a long career, she has amassed a collection of rare, long-forgotten plants that require some research to help them live again. Play as Arabella and explore the stunning historic manor and its grounds to look for clues in her notes, books, posters, and items scattered around the residence to determine the correct set of circumstances to help the flora flourish. Unlock new seeds and plant them. Interactable items around the property that can be turned and flipped will provide information to help you solve each gardening puzzle, grow the plants, and discover their mysterious qualities.

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