Back in 2018, Panic Barn Limited released a political satire game called Not Tonight, that took aim at the mess that is Brexit. It was divisive to say the least, selling 100,000s of units, and proving that video games could be political.

But they weren’t done. In 2022, Not Tonight 2 shifted the focus to the land of the free, drilling into what makes America tick. A Steam release is all well and good… but the devs all know how much they’d love to settle down with a handheld edition of the American dream.

Don’t worry! Not Tonight 2 finally comes to Nintendo Switch on March 27:

Not Tonight 2 is a dark political comedy that takes aim at the absolute state that they call The United States. Explore an “alternative”, defective America, where capitalism and political greed have taken center stage, and democracy is a thing of the past.

Be the bouncer that America needs you to be. Check your guests follow the correct religion, then join a cult, tap along to rhythm games, make sure the Colonel’s chickens have enough steroids pumped into them, serve your fellow Canadians with free poutine, work a day or two on the Texan wall…

Not Tonight 2 intertwines the lives of Malik, Kevin and Mari, as they race across the land of the free, on a mission to save their friend Eduardo from being deported (or worse) by the fascist Martyrs regime.

Do try to keep it civil, when Not Tonight 2 launches on Switch on March 27.

[Press release]

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