The LEGO Group has been hard at work with Epic on new content for LEGO Fortnite, and today brings us two new island experiences to enjoy.

First up, make a new feline friend and spend time together in LEGO Cat Island Adventure. LEGO Cat Island Adventure is a cosy animal-sim set on an island paradise filled with adorable cats and endless fun. Bond with your furry friend, keep them happy with treats and discover hidden mini builds for playtime. It’s a purr-fect adventure for animal lovers of all ages.

Along with that comes LEGO Prop Hunt. Props hide in this massive mall, blending in with their surroundings to avoid the Seekers. Seekers must find and eliminate the hiders before time runs out. In LEGO Prop Hunt, you can enjoy the following options:

  • Hiders vs Seekers
  • Infection mode
  • 2-12 Players
  • Secret Spots
  • Frequent Updates

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