Mario Wonder is a massive game, with a staggering amount of unique content. So it’s no surprise that a lot was left out in the final release! Recently Nintendo held a panel going over some of this cut content, and some of it is really quite cool!

This cut wonder effect has been the star of the show so far, and it’s not just because we got a video. The above video shows Mario trading his traditional mustached face for a more built look. This new transformation is short-lived as some flying munchers want to chow down on every piece they can get their mouths on!

Here we see a few more cut wonder mechanics, with some that made it to functional in-game prototypes. Sadly it seems most never escaped their paper prison, however.

Nintendo’s developer panels are always quite interesting, as they give a peak behind the curtain that we normally don’t get. With the staggering amount of uniqueness present in Mario Wonder, its understandable that some stuff had to get cut. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of a few of these ideas, particularly the really mini Mario!

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3M ago

I can see the giant 8 bit head thing being incredibly frustrating. Long legs Mario is just redundant with long body Mario.


3M ago

Cool stuff! Wonder if we'll ever see more?