A few weeks back, there was a lot of discussion about what team Nintendo worked with to bring Princess Peach: Showtime! to life. Dataminers thought they had discovered evidence that Good-Feel was the company behind the game, and today we’ve learned that their digging turned out to be correct.

As confirmed by outlets that managed to get an advance peek at Princes Peach: Showtime!, Good-Feel is indeed the team that Nintendo partnered with to build the game. Nintendo and Good-Feel have quite the history together, having worked on the Kirby and Yoshi franchises in the past. It’s clear Nintendo felt the studio was also up to task for creating a brand-new outing for Peach.

Even more interesting is the fact that Princess Peach: Showtime! was directed by Etsunobu Ebisu. Ebisu is the founder and CEO of Good-Feel, but he also happens to be the former director of the Mystical Ninja/Goemon franchise. Believe it or not, Princess Peach: Showtime! is the first game Ebisu has directed in over 25 years! (h/t VGC)


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