First 4 Figures has announced that they’re working on a Tails Standoff statue, and it’ll see pre-orders open on March 28th, 2024. As usual, First 4 Figures is sharing a series of videos to showcase what this statue has to offer, and today brings us a clip that gives us our best look yet at Sonic’s sidekick.

We’ll no doubt get a better look at the Tails Standoff statue before pre-orders open, but we’ll likely have to wait until March 28th to get complete details on what it offers, along with pricing. Whenever more information or sneak peeks are shared for this statue, we’ll be sure to bring the details to you!

Today also brings us another look at First 4 Figures’ upcoming “Waka” Okami statue, and pre-orders for this statue are now open. The statue is inspired by Waka’s first appearance in Okami and faithfully portrays him playing his flute while standing on water. The base reflects the Agata Forest setting where Waka first encounters Amaterasu.

The Exclusive Edition includes interchangeable hands for Waka: a right hand holding his flute-turned-beamsword called Pillow Talk, and a left hand holding his normal sword. Pillow Talk includes a glow-in-the-dark feature, while the water on the base comes with LED functionality.

Pre-orders for the Waka Okami statue start at $510 and you can see the various options here.

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