PQube and Opera House are excited to announce that this rhythm action idol adventure, ‘I*CHU: Chibi Edition’ is coming soon to Nintendo Switch!

Guide 32 aspiring idols towards their ultimate debut. Play rhythm action games to unlock characters and create your own groups. Follow the characters’ journeys through the main story and support them through their struggles!

Visual Novel: As a teacher and producer, it’s your job to support the boys on their journey to becoming an idol. Explore their individual stories, and help them follow their dreams.

Endless Talent: 32 idols into 9 separate groups! Different styles of music and performances, choose your favourite or love them all equally!

Rhythm Action: Fast-paced and exciting rhythm action mechanics revolutionised for the Nintendo Switch, choose touchscreen or controller input!

Star Studded: Over 80 original songs featuring top Japanese voice actors. Experience their beautiful voices whilst you play to ensure your idols are putting on successful shows!

Gacha Without The Microtransactions: Successfully complete shows to unlock currency to scout idols. Choose your favourites from the line-up to create your own original group - all without spending a penny in microtransactions!

Increasing Difficulty: Are you a god at rhythm action or a newbie dipping your toes? From Normal, all the way up to Nightmare mode, prepare to challenge yourself!

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