Publisher Regista has announced that Escape Game: The Kitty School will be available on the Nintendo Switch March 28th, 2024. This is an escape room/puzzle game with a mystery theme. It will cost $9.99, but there is a 50% sale available from now until April 11th, 2024, bringing its price down to $4.99.

In Escape Game: The Kitty School, your friend tells you about a can’t-miss spot for cat lovers. Oddly enough, this cat haven happens to be at the same location as an abandoned school. Upon arriving at the school, the weather takes a turn for the worst. You rush inside to take shelter from the pouring rain just a booming thunder hits. The sound causes you to close your eyes in fear, and when you open them, you can’t believe what you’re seeing…

This is an escape-the-room game mystery adventure where you move a cursor around the screen to solve puzzles and further the story. Good luck on escaping!

[Press release]

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