Suika Game continues to be the talk of the town on Switch. While titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Balatro and Super Mario Bros. Wonder are leading the way in terms of Switch software sales right now, Suika Game is close behind. We’ve already heard just how great the game is doing, but today brings us another update on just how big the game has grown.

The latest update on Suika Game reveals that the title has sold a staggering 8+ million units worldwide. That figure shows the incredibly staying power of Suika Game, as the last sales update on the title came back in December 2023 when the game had moved 5 million units. It’s clear people still haven’t gotten their fruit fix yet!

This time around the sale data also comes with a breakdown of platforms, and the Switch has taken the lion’s share of units. Over on mobile, Suika Game has moved 1.3 million units so far. That leaves Switch owners to account for the remaining 7 million units!

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3M ago

Feels like Among Us part two. Comes out in 2021, blows up 2 years later at an oddly specific time.