Epic had a ton to show off with Fornite yesterday, and that included the announcement of Fall Guys game assets, animations and characters seeing release in Fortnite’s Unreal Engine creative mode. This announcement made some worry that Fall Guys proper would be sunset, but Epic has said that’s not the case.

Eurogamer had a chance to talk to Epic Games executive vice president Saxs Persson about the future of Fall Guys both in and out of Fortnite. While Fall Guys assets can be used by hobby decs to build whatever they want in UEFN, Fall Guys as we know it will also continue.

“If we started Fall Guys development over today, we’d do it inside Fortnite, but we are where we are, we don’t have anything to announce right now. You learn different things when you’re separate, but we truly believe the magic of Fortnite is having fun in a game with your friends so the more players there are, the more content there is, the more fun you have. So by that simple measure, it benefits us to have everything in one place.”

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