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Spring into new content

21 March 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Phoenix Labs released today an update for its cozy magical farm-sim title, Fae Farm, on Nintendo Switch. The Spring Update includes several additions and improvements to the game as well as a pack of free cosmetic items for player’s homes and characters to celebrate Spring in fashion.

To make Fae Farm an even cozier experience, a new “double-day length” option has been added to make time on the world clock pass slower, allowing players who decide to use it to do more in a single day.

A new cool decorating option aptly named “Stuff-on-Stuff” is also part of the update. Players can now place various decorative inventory items such as candles, books or vases on tables and other specifically-tagged decor items.

This Spring, what if significant others became more significant? Marriage in Azoria is now more wholesome, with post-wedding dialogs for each character and new interactions. In addition, if a player’s fae bae is hanging out on their homestead, sitting in the cozy area will invite them to come and join them there.

Several new options have been added to the character creator menu, including 16 new vibrant dyes (usable on hair, facial features, face markings and eyes), 16 new non-human skin tones, one new “stubble” hair style, and nine new eye styles. All these options are unlocked automatically in character creation to let players unleash their creativity and build an even more unique character of their own. But that’s not all: six new sets of wings including the Marquis’ are now offered by the Wisp Mother.

And finally, to celebrate Spring and thank all the players, a pack of free cosmetic items is offered as part of the update, including four new full-size constructible items to decorate the outside of your homestead further, and a new “Spring Petal Dress”.

The second major expansion for Fae Farm is currently in the works and is scheduled to launch in June this year.

Players who purchase the game on Nintendo Switch receive December 2023’s “Coasts of Croakia” expansion for free and will also receive the second expansion for free when it releases in June 2024. On PC, players can purchase the Fae Farm Standard Edition for $39.99/€39.99/£29.99 which includes the base game, or the Deluxe Edition for $59.99/€59.99/£39.99, which includes the base game, the original soundtrack, the first DLC, and the second DLC when it releases in 2024.

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