Nintendo and Pokémon Co. are some of the most staunch protectors of their intellectual properties. The two companies will stop at nothing to block others from creating fan-made content, and while that usually applies to things released in the here and now, it seems they’ll go after years-old content with the same fervor.

A YouTuber has shared word his channel has been hit with a copyright strike, and it’s all due to a video that featured Pokémon content. The video in question shows off a mod that adds in Pokémon to Call of Duty’s popular Zombies mode. Apparently Pokémon Co. wasn’t too keen on this, so they manually struck down the video.

The craziest part about all this is the fact that the video had been on YouTube for 7 years already. It’s unsure why now was the time for Pokémon Co. to go after the video, but there’s no doubt their hunt for everything and anything mod-related. Let this serve as a warning to other YouTubers out there, as it appears Pokémon Co. will go after your content no matter how old it is!

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