Shigesato Itoi, the creator of Earthbound, recently sat down for a massive interview about all things Earthbound and more. Sadly, that interview hasn’t seen an English release just yet, but we do have a fan translation of one portion thanks to the gang at Mother Forever.

In the video above, Itoi shares some thoughts with Earthbound fans around the world, but in particular he speaks on the release of MOTHER 3 for Switch Online. As you know, MOTHER 3 has finally been added to the GBA collection for Switch Online members, but only in Japan. There are obviously ways to get around that regional restriction, but this will still only give you access to the Japanese version of the game.

Itoi talks openly about players jumping into MOTHER 3 on Switch, and that goes for those who originally played the title decades ago as well as newcomers. It seems Itoi wants nothing more for people to check out the game in general, and he jokingly hopes that over 130 million people spend time with the game.

Check out the video above to see Itoi’s thoughts on MOTHER 3 arriving on Switch in full.

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