Dahlia & Ludicolo are a Water-type tech sync pair with powerful passive skills that activate when they bust a move. Muddy Water activates their passive skill Spec Hit: Sp. Def ↓2 9, which lowers a target’s Sp. Def by two stat ranks when Dahlia & Ludicolo’s special attack moves are successful. Conversely, Razor Leaf activates their passive skill Phys Hit: Defense ↓2 9, which lowers a target’s Defense by two ranks when Dahlia & Ludicolo’s physical attacks are successful. This makes Dahlia & Ludicolo uniquely flexible to suit whatever team you’re sending into battle.

Lowering opponent’s Defense and Sp. Def by landing damaging moves is already a strong strategy, but Dahlia & Ludicolo can do even more to cultivate the battlefield in their team’s favor. Their passive skill Max Move Hit: Team Same-Type Rebuff ↓ 1 lowers the Type Rebuff of all opposing sync pairs by one rank when Dahlia & Ludicolo’s max move is successful—the Type Rebuff lowered is the same type as the max move used. In this case, Dahlia & Ludicolo can lower either the Water Type Rebuff of all opposing sync pairs with Max Geyser or all opponents’ Grass Type Rebuff with Max Overgrowth. Max Geyser and Max Overgrowth also make the weather rainy or create Grassy Terrain, respectively.

For more details on this sync pair’s passive skills and moves, check out Dahlia & Ludicolo’s in-game sync pair scout screen. Dahlia & Ludicolo are available to scout from March 21, 2024, at 11:00 p.m. PDT to April 10, 2024, at 10:59 p.m. PDT.

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