Nichijou is a manga series written and illustrated by Keiichi Arawi that features strange and funny moments from the everyday lives of an ensemble cast. Arawi’s series remains popular to this very day, and that has lead to some unique opportunities for the mangaka. Case in point, a Pokémon Co. collab that has just released.

Arawi has announced that he teamed up with Pokémon Co. to create a commercial for the Pokémon TCG, specifically the latest Battle Academy set expansion. This 30-second spot will no doubt catch the eye of Nichijou fans or Arawi’s work in general, as it retains his signature style and humor.

It seems this commercial is only for online audiences, so those in Japan shouldn’t expect to see it on TV. That web release makes it all the easier for a worldwide audience to enjoy though, and you can give it a watch in the tweet below.

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