Two Point Campus just got a whole lot more secretive. Developer Two Point Studios and publisher SEGA have announced that the university simulation game, which is planned for release on August 9th, will have a Spy School class available at launch. Check out the reveal trailer above to see some of what the course will entail.

Don your trench coat and shades and grab your jetpack. Two Point Campus introduces its latest course reveal: Spy School! You’ll train your agents in the art of drone flying, target practice, and obstacle courses filled with crocodiles and lasers. Thankfully, no one’s taught the crocodiles to use lasers.

The catch? You’ll have to sniff out Two Point County’s enemies. Rival agents have figured out they can infiltrate campus by enrolling as students. Someone should really fix that. Watch out for suspicious classmates and expel them before they can uncover the county’s darkest secrets.


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