Capcom has put together all sorts of interesting and unique Monster Hunter campaigns over the years, and that’s set to continue with yet another fun collab set for Japan.

Sushiro, a Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain, is teaming with Capcom for a Monster Hunter campaign that’s set to kick off March 27th and runs to April 21st, 2024. This collab brings about a series of special meals and prizes for customers who head into select locations.

On the food side of things, Sushiro will be offering 3 Monster Hunter-themed meals, and they’ll use a carved meat and bonfire theme. These meals will use boned chicken to represent the Well-Done Meat you eat in multiple Monster Hunter titles.

Every Monster Hunter menu item will come with a decoration that represents 1 of the 14 main weapon types in the series, and customers will get to take home stickers featuring key visuals from throughout the franchise as well. Those who get stickers featuring Monster Hunter console entries will be entered into a lottery to win a long Frozen Speartuna backpack.

Last but not least, there will also be a Challenge Quest that aims to see just how big your stomach is. If you can manage to clear and stack 20 plates during a visit, you’ll be entered into a raffled to win ten dine-in vouchers worth 500 yen each. If that sounds too easy to you, clearing and stacking 5 20-plate piles will enter you in another raffle to win twenty vouchers and a special T-shirt.

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