QubicGames has announced that Multi Maze 3D by CrazyLabs will be released for the Nintendo Switch today. Spin the wheel to the right or left and guide the balls through the maze straight into the cup!

Wait, there’s more! This isn’t just about collecting balls but multiplying them and filling the cup to the brim. Prepare to be amazed, perform impressive manoeuvres, bouncing and collecting balls in a colourful frenzy!

Remember that you can always use boosters to duplicate your balls, remove unwanted gates, or add new ones by multiplying your balls times 2!

Can you handle the challenge of collecting as many balls as possible? Get ready for a thrilling journey through the maze of fun!


  • Turn the wheel to move your colorful balls around
  • Guide your balls through the multiplier gates to increase their number
  • Lead them out of the maze straight into the cup
  • Collect a minimum number of them to complete the level
  • Change the skins of your colourful balls
  • Spend blue gems to buy booster packs or to continue the level if you run out of balls
  • Listen to the cheerful and relaxing music that sets the mood of the game

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