Lost Treasure of Lima is a platformer game, made by drgd_retro, featuring environmental puzzles, exploration and race-against-the-clock action sequences. The title is available to purchase now digitally or physically, with the boxed copy offering the following:

  • A brand new cartridge
  • A brand new cartridge plastic case
  • A full color cardboard box
  • A full color manual
  • A brand new cardboard tray
  • ROM file to play in an emulator
  • Digital game manual (PDF)

In 1820 Captain William Thompson was put in charge of transporting Spains riches from Lima to Mexico. Unable to resist the treasures temptation they turned pirate. Heading for Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica Thompson and his men allegedly buried the treasure. Thompson and the crew were eventually captured and put on trial for piracy. The treasure has forever lain dormant. Now the hunt begins…

This game features

  • 4 levels
  • environmental puzzles
  • race-against-the-clock action sequences
  • hidden collectables
  • secret endings

The game has been tested on an authentic Game Boy, DMG, Color and Game Boy Advance, Classic and SP. The game will also work with the Analogue Pocket. It is not guaranteed that the game will work on clone or non official systems.

If you’d like to pick up a digital or physical copy, you can do so through the Broke Studio website.

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