Ahead of the weekend, publisher Raw Fury and developer Bytten Studio have announced plans to host a livestream for their creature collector turn-based RPG, Cassette Beasts, this Monday, March 25 at 10am ET on the official Raw Fury Youtube channel. The showcase will reveal several exciting updates coming to Cassette Beasts, including news on the upcoming multiplayer update, an exclusive musical performance and brand new announcements.

In Cassette Beasts, transform into monsters using… retro cassette tapes? Faced with the constant threat of monster attacks, the residents of Harbourtown, New Wirral choose to fight fire with fire. Record a monster to tape, then play it back to take on its form for battle!

Fuse monster forms. Getting close to your companion has benefits–while transformed you can combine your strengths to gain the upper hand in battle! Any two monster forms can be fused to produce unique, fully-animated new fusion forms.

[Press release]

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