Publisher eXtend and developers Toybox Inc. and Karakuri-ism have announced Side Kicks! beyond for Switch, and it’s set to arrive in Japan sometime in 2025. This is an enhanced port of the otome visual novel Side Kicks! that launched for PS Vita in March 2017, as this version includes new episodes and a crossover with BUSTAFELLOWS.

Side Kicks: a newly established special investigation bureau within the Sakrada Police Force, located in California, designed to heighten the security of Sakrada City with their unique style of thinking and individual skill. Currently seeking additional members.

A city in California, United States of America—Sakrada. In recent years, the spread of a highly addictive drug, Ripcord, has been causing several issues in the sunny, quiet city located on the West Coast. In order to control cases like this, the Sakrada Police Force established a new organization—a special investigation bureau made up of members with unique styles of thinking and their idiosyncratic skills, known as the Side Kicks.

Chika, who has exceptional athletic talent; Hibari, the profiler who possesses a way with words; Shishiba, the quiet hacker prodigy; Rico, gifted with photographic memory; and Tatewaki, the leader in charge of the four.

The special investigation bureau has become well-known in the city for its ground-breaking investigation methods that are unlike anything ever seen before.

One day, the heroine Inori is scouted as a new member of Side Kicks. The skill she possesses… is the mysterious ability of clairvoyant dreams.

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