Late last year Nintendo announced that online support for Wii U and 3DS would be ending in April 2024. The announcement would mean that titles like the original Super Mario Maker would no longer be able to receive new fan made levels.

This announcement encouraged a community known as Team 0 Percent to rise to action and clear every uncleared level in Super Mario Maker. What seemed like an impossible feat soon rallied support from Mario Maker players all around the world and now the final uncleared level has been finished.

“The Last Dance” was the fittingly named final course cleared for Super Mario Maker by @Yamada_SMM2. With this Super Mario Maker can now be officially considered 100% complete!

This isn’t the end of Team 0 Percent’s efforts however, as they also wish to achieve a similar feat for Super Mario Maker 2. If you want to join the cause boot up your copy of Super Mario Maker 2 and try to clear some uncleared levels.

While it’s sad to see Mario Maker 1 ride off into the sunset it’s incredibly touching that the community could come together to give it the sendoff it deserves.

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4M ago

Great job! I like that. They did not give up on the original Super Mario Maker like Nintendo did. And I did..
I put like 500 hours into creating one level. And I like that level, but there were no players for it haha I was hoping there would be a better rating system, hoping it would somehow more or less reach the surface in the ocean of user levels.
But when Nintendo once again stopped support on one of their online player creation environments I was done doing creations on their systems. Such a turn-off to see all those beautiful and creative player creations being discarded.