There are plenty of games that have soundtracks adored by millions, but a handful of those tunes end up becoming absolutely timeless. Without a doubt, Aerith’s Theme from Final Fantasy VII is one of those tracks, and now fans can enjoy it in a brand-new way.

Square Enix has revealed a music box that plays Aerith’s Theme from Final Fantasy VII, and pre-orders for the item are now live in Japan. This music box offers a 50-note rendition of the tune in a classic music box style, and gives you a 1 minute 45 second run-time.

The Final Fantasy VII Aerith’s Theme music box will see release in Japan come October 5th, 2024, and it’s quite a premium release. Square Enix is asking for a whopping $712 for just one of these, so only diehard fans with deep pockets will be able to enjoy.

UPDATE: A video showcasing the music box has been released and you can see it in action below.

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