Due to horrendous weather and family obligations, I had to do part of the show solo this week. Don’t worry, Mom Brain comes in to rescue us all! We talk about the Pokemon takedown, Dragon’s Dogma II microtransaction madness, the golden era of the Wii, opinions on recent anime and SO much more!

Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!

Thanks to Donut Muffin for putting together the timestamps for this week’s episode.

  • 0:00:32 Intro
  • 0:00:58 Tarountula Description
  • 0:01:21 Crew’s Here
  • 0:03:06 Hello to Our Discord
  • 0:07:44 X (Twitter) adult-oriented bots littering Nintendo’s socials
  • 0:14:56 Dragon’s Dogma 2 Discussion
  • 0:37:38 It’s Time for News
  • 0:37:59 European Hardware/Software Sales, Feb. 2024
  • 0:40:50 Yuzu Switch Emulator Team Looks to Settle with Nintendo for $2.4 Million (Updates)
  • 0:42:44 U.S. Software/Hardware Charts, Feb. 2024
  • 0:48:02 Mom Brain Is Here
  • 0:53:51 North American Switch eShop Releases
  • 0:56:17 We Speak Your Name
  • 0:57:07 European Switch eShop Releases
  • 0:59:42 Pokémon Fan Game Archive Removed Due to a Reported DMCA Notice
  • 1:02:28 What Mom Brain Played
  • 1:04:10 What Raw Meat Cowboy Played
  • 1:06:50 Podcast Question
  • 1:13:13 Patron Question
  • 1:15:56 GoNintendo Patreon Recap
  • 1:28:39 Dune Part 2 Discussion
  • 1:31:28 Outro

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4M ago

Not seeing this episode in my podcast feed yet. Just a heads up!


4M ago


Yeah, this time it was actually my fault. I had one extra letter in the file name and it threw everything out of whack. Looks like its propagating appropriately now. So sorry about that!

No worries! Great show (even without the full crew). Have a great week RMC!