Unicorn Overlord "Accolades" Trailer

Vanillaware does it again

25 March 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

From the masterminds that brought 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim and Odin Sphere, ATLUS x Vanillaware presents Unicorn Overlord, the rebirth of tactical fantasy RPG. You’ve likely already heard how great this title is, but now there’s a new trailer to show you some choice comments from press around the world. Give it a watch and see what you’ve been missing out on!

Fight against fate and embark on a royal adventure to regain your reign alongside trustworthy allies. Unicorn Overlord is available on Switch now, and there’s a demo for those who want to test the waters before fully committing.

Unicorn Overlord combines the timeless tactical RPG genre with overworld exploration and innovative battle system for a unique epic fantasy experience in the iconic Vanillaware style.

Traverse a vibrant world, assemble units and direct them into exquisitely animated battles · Perform heroic deeds and grow renown throughout the five nations · Cultivate a grand army with over 60 unique characters, from humans and elves to massive beasts and heavenly angels

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