SEGA has scored all sorts of unique and interesting Sonic-related collabs over the years, resulting in merch, guest appearances, and more. Some of those have seen Sonic invade various restaurant chains, and another example of that will soon be in your neighborhood soon.

While we don’t have the exact date yet, some early marketing material for a collaboration between SEGA and IHOP has popped. As you can see in the image above, this collaboration will see an IHOP menu makeover that takes inspiration from numerous Sonic characters. From Sonic to Knuckles, Eggman to Tails, Sonic fans will be able to head to IHOP in the near future and try out a tasty collaborative treat.

Once we find out the full details on this tie-up, including timing and more, we’ll make sure to bring you the complete breakdown. Until then, you’ll just have to do make due with the above material whetting your appetite!

UPDATE: We now have the full details of this campaign, including releasing timing and more. You can find the full details below.

IHOP is partnering with SEGA® to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog, in which loyalty members can earn PanCoins to redeem for Sonic the Hedgehog content. Included in IHOP’s Stack Market is an exclusive DLC Amy outfit for SEGA’s latest game reimagining 2D classic Sonic platforming, Sonic Superstars™, as well as full game download codes for Sonic Superstars, Sonic Frontiers™, and Sonic Origins™ Plus. IHOP will also feature limited-edition Sonic the Hedgehog gift cards online and at select restaurants through May 5, 2024. Guests can head to their local IHOP restaurant and try a Sonic-inspired menu of six different items.

Sonic’s Blue Blur Special: Four buttermilk pancakes with double the blueberries for double the speed! Ask to try them with blueberry syrup

Knuckles’ Chicken Sandwich: A crispy chicken sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese, & buttermilk ranch that won’t leave you hangry. Order with a side of “gold” onion rings

Tails’ 2x2x2: Two eggs, two pancakes, two bacon strips or two sausage links – just like Tails, everything good comes in twos

Shadow’s Chaos Chocolate Pancakes: Go ahead and be a little chaotic – a four-stack filled with chocolate chips is the ultimate pancake experience

Amy’s Sweet Strawberry Delight: Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and fresh strawberries atop a golden-brown waffle quarter is a perfectly sweet dessert for an epic adventure. Ask to try with strawberry syrup

Dr. Eggman’s Benedict: A 300 IQ genius like Eggman knows that black forest ham, poached eggs, & creamy hollandaise sauce makes for a superior meal

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

**UPDATE **#2: We’ve now gotten a look at the exclusive DLC Amy outfit for Sonic Superstars. You can see what that costume looks like in the image below.


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