Temtem has been updated to Ver. 1.6.2. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • We’ve added the character name and TamerID to the section in Settings where you could check your Support ID.
  • We’ve correctly updated Bunbun and Hidody’s Umbra Radar prices and they now match that of similar Tems.

Balance: PvE

  • We’ve increased the the bonus that the Isolated Status Conditions offers while capturing Temtem, from 1.0x ⇒ 1.3x.
  • We’re aware that removing Cage from some Tems may affect some capture methods in the PvE environment. We hope that we can provide useful and valid alternatives for PvE players by making Isolated have the same catch rate bonus.
  • We have removed Venx from Musa’s Rematch roster.

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