These past few years have been quite busy for Sonic, with multiple games and other multimedia projects in the works one would think the blue blur should be slowing down soon. As we all know though, Sonic is not one to slow down, and if current rumors are true another big project is in the works.

Known insiders Zippo, Necro Felipe, and Midori are now reporting that a Sonic Heroes Remake is in the works for the Switch Successor.

To give a full rundown of the events it all started with Zippo, who initially claimed that SEGA was planning a remake of a “big, important, seminal” 3D Sonic game in Unreal Engine 5.

Furthering corroborating the rumor was Necro Felipe of Universo Nintendo who clarified that the game in question was in fact Sonic Heroes. According to Universo Nintendo’s sources the game is planned for release on all modern consoles including the long-rumored Switch Successor. Necro Felipe also goes on to speculate that the game might release in 2025 but that is purely speculation.

Adding further fuel to the fire was Midori or @MbKKssTBhz5 on Twitter/X who has correctly leaked information on the Persona series in the past. They backed up Zippo and Felipe’s claims and also added that remakes of the Sonic Adventure games are not in the works right now.

While it would seem odd for SEGA to opt for remaking Sonic Heroes over the Adventure titles, given SEGA’s recent initiative to push Sonic’s friends into roles of prominence (Knuckles getting his own streaming series and Shadow receiving a new story in Sonic X Shadow Generations) it would make sense that they would want to highlight a game with a lot of characters like Sonic Heroes.

As with all rumors take this with a grain of salt but we will be sure to keep you posted on any updates on this or other Sonic news as it becomes relevant.

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