Developer Orange has announced Murder on the Spaceship Altair, a science-fiction mystery visual novel, and it’s headed to Switch. The title is set to arrive in Japan sometime in April 2024 and it’s priced at 1,300 yen. There’s no word on a localization at this time.

Jupiter‘s fourth moon, Callisto—once the location of humanity’s most advanced research base. One day, “Zion Frontier,” as it was called, was struck by a mysterious explosion.

One year later, the fractured remains of the base are recovered by a manned ship called “Altair.” Among the remains was a frozen capsule containing the body of genius space engineer Zion Miller, and the android Flem nestled beside the capsule. And then there was Hope, the extraterrestrial life-form discovered in the Jupiter space.

A mysterious incident involving them and the crew soon occurs on-board the ship. Was this incident caused by the mysterious life-form? Or by the crew? With no means of escape, fear and suspicion spread throughout the ship…

You play as the Master AI of the spaceship Altair and end up partnering with Flem in order to solve the mystery. Issue commands to Flem and investigate the ship. Depending on the command, you may be able to communicate with the crew through physical contact and the like… Interact with the crew through various means and strengthen your relationships.


  • Planning and Scenario: Mitsue Kaneko
  • Main Illustrator: Kousuke Hashimoto
  • Sub Illustrator: Shio / Satsuki Koga
  • Background Music: SAKUMAMATATA
  • Sound Effects: Ogawa Sound (Tetsuhiro Ogawa)

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Nice. I love stuff like that.