Harness the world’s power in the palm of your hand, and free your people from tyranny in Ruff Ghanor, an exciting new deckbuilding roguelike from DX Gameworks and Jovem Nerd’s world of Ghanor. Jovem Nerd is one of the best-known and most popular content hubs in Brazil, and Ruff Ghanor is the first time one of their internationally renowned universes has made the jump to video games.

Ruff Ghanor follows the eponymous hero, a cleric on a mission to liberate his people from the monstrous dragon Zamir and their tyrannical rule. The might of a cleric alone won’t be enough, though. Ruff turns to the power of cards for aid, which hold the world’s magic and the essence of powerful weapons and stalwart defenses inside.

You might be thinking “another roguelike deckbuilder,” but this one’s special. Ruff Ghanor seamlessly weaves inventive turn-based battles with clever deckbuilding that rewards careful planning and tops it all off with a twist: narrative events of the kind you might expect in your favorite tabletop RPGs. Ruff comes up against choices that require difficult decisions and skill checks. The layout of your current deck determines whether you pass the check and your choices affect your rewards. Sure, the easy choice that only demands two magic cards might be safe – but who can say whether the outcome is one that benefits you in the end.

That careful balance of risk and reward, of building decks and gathering allies guided only by the hope that you’re making the right choice, gives Ruff Ghanor an identity like no other. Ruff Ghanor is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 10th.

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